Ravin Premium Mw Lighted Arrows 400Gr 3 Pack-US Crossbow & Archery Store

Ravin Premium Mw Lighted Arrows 400Gr 3 Pack

Ravin Crossbows UPC:R134

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RAVIN PREMIUM MATCH-GRADE* LIGHTED ARROWS RETAIL PRICE $129.99     3-Pack 400 grain (with 100 grain field tip- not included) Use in Ravin Crossbows only 100% pure carbon construction Straightness tolerance: High-impact brass threaded inserts 2 offset vanes High-impact aluminum nock bushings Lumenok Technology ‹*Match-Grade arrows compensate for the added weight of lighted nocks and weigh the exact same as Ravin non-lighted arrows for the same flight accuracy.‹ Note: Use only Ravin-branded arrows with Ravin clip-on