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Fang HD Crossbow Package

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Fang HD Crossbow   SKU: 01338VWCategory: Crossbows Strike first and fast with FANG HD.   Description Description Strike first and fast with FANG HD. Packing 400 fps performance, the FANG HD comes decorated in TrueTimber® Viper Western camouflage and includes an adjustable stock, illuminated reticle scope, quiver, bolts and cocking rope.   SPECIFICATIONS SPEED: UP TO 405 FPSPOWER STROKE: 14.5�AXLE-TO-AXLE: 18�DRAW WEIGHT: 205 LBS.OVERALL LENGTH: 35.5�MASS WEIGHT: 7.3 LBS.KE: 134 FT. LBS. REPLACEMENT CABLE/STRING PART#42460 CABLE: 19.7� STRING: 37.2� FANG HD PACKAGE INCLUDES: ¢ HDV 425 1.5-5X32 VARIABLE ZOOM ILLUMINATED RETICLE SCOPE¢ 5-BOLT QUIVER¢ ANTI-DRY FIRE & AUTO SAFETY TRIGGER¢THREE-22� CARBON BOLTS WITH BULLET POINTS¢ ADJUSTABLE BUTTSTOCK¢ FOOT STIRRUP¢ LIMB DAMPERS & STRING SILENCERS¢ DUAL STRING STOPS¢ RAIL LUBE¢COCKING ROPE COCKING WINCH DEVICE REPLACEMENT BOLTS 1/2 DZ: 1960THU22FM                   Related Products Zombie React Pistol Crossbow     PSE Insight Crossbow     Coalition