.30-06 Outdoors was formed in 2007 by company owner and founder Matt Minshall. After 20 plus years in the retail end of the industry at his families Archery and Fishing store Matt was ready to try something different. Not wanting to leave the outdoor industry that he knew so well, he decided on the manufacturing side of the industry. Matt sold his beloved fishing boat and some of his musical equipment to raise some start up capital. He then cleaned out his garage and stocked it with the first round of product. As we all know 2008 was the beginning of one of the worst economic times this country has ever seen, but .30-06 Outdoors managed to survive through it and grow. In 2011 .30-06 Outdoors moved into a 5000 sq ft office/ warehouse space. After 3 more expansions more room was still needed. In 2014 Matt was blessed enough to purchase the entire 47,000 sq ft building that was previously rented. .30-06 Outdoors now has product placement in 10 countries on 3 continents.

The success of the company is attributed to Matt's faith, hard work, and long hours. This paired with the dedicated team along by his side of Richard Gould Jr., D. Flaherty, Amy Faulkner and Tim Gillilan. Providing the customers with the best customer service in the industry, and being on the forefront of product innovation. We feel that bringing quality products at an affordable price to the customer is what keeps us growing.

Our goals for the future are to grow into the most complete manufacture of Hunting/Sporting Goods in the Outdoor industry. We intend to accomplish this by adding new items to our product line each year. Not just any items, but innovative, useful items that will be a must have for all sportsmen and women. We will also hold true to our roots in bringing those items to market at the best price possible. Our price will bring them in, but our dedication to quality products at an affordable price, and our top notch customer service will keep them coming back.