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Written by Joseph Downing,Sr.




Ravin is comprised of a collection of dedicated hunters and product designers who are committed to building the most accurate crossbows possible while incorporating the best innovations to deliver products you can count on. At Ravin, they not only work with the most brilliant engineers in the field but they've also re-invented the crossbow with their HeliCoil technology.

This advanced design gives you an efficient, balanced, compact crossbow with unprecedented downrange accuracy so you get the right shot every time. In addition to the HeliCoil technology, other benefits of Ravin Crossbows are their frictionless flight system, the Trac-Trigger firing system, and their Versa-Draw cocking system.

Each of these design advantages results in products that give you reliable, accurate results every time you fire.


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As stated on the Ravin website, the HeliCoil technology is the engine behind their crossbows. HeliCoil has a number of industry-changing advantages that create the most accurate crossbow available on the market today. This technology coils cables away from both the top and bottom of the cams in helical grooves which keeps the cams balanced.

HeliCoil lets the cams rotate 340 degrees while both cams remain level when drawing and shooting. The other advantage of this technology is that creates a compact crossbow system with the features you need for rifle-like downrange accuracy when firing.


The Frictionless Flight System lets the arrow and string free float above the rail which eliminates friction and provides consistent accuracy along with better string and cable life. This advantage also helps deliver the unparalleled downrange accuracy with each shot you take.


Ravin crossbows have a built-in trigger mechanism that moves forward on the rail and clasps to the center of the string anytime the bow is drawn. The Trac-Trigger Firing System provides the straight-line nock travel for your arrows that you need each time you fire your crossbow.


One of the biggest design advantages of HeliCoil technology is the Versa-Draw Cocking System which features a minimal 12-pound cocking force so you can easily cock and un-cock your crossbow every time. The Versa-Draw system provides a cocking handle that is fully integrated into the stock design.


Investing in the right high-quality crossbow can make the difference between hitting a bullseye from 100 yards away and missing it entirely. That's why so many people turn to Ravin for their crossbow needs. Not only do they design streamlined products that are easy to use, but the technology they invest in their products make them the best choice for hunting or marksmanship.

Ravin has been awarded the Outdoor Life Editor's Choice, the Field & Stream Best of the Best in 2017, the Golden Bullseye Award in 2018, and the Bowhunting Readers' Choice Gold award of 2020. Because of Ravin's HeliCoil technology, the arrows shot from a crossbow Ravin manufactured has as much lethal downrange accuracy as bullets. This technology also lets arrows fly at speeds of up to 450 feet per second!


The crossbows Ravin makes provide superior control, comfort, and accuracy when compared to other options. Some of the new crossbow choices for 2020 include the R29X, the R29X with the sniper package, and the R29 with the sniper package as well. Each of these crossbow choices has the fully-integrated Silent Cocking Handle which lets you perform the cocking action on the crossbow silently every time.

The sniper package includes the silent cocking and comes with the tactical crossbow scope mounted to a Jack Plate. The Jack Plate is an adjustable elevation mount you can adjust between 20 and 200 yards by turning the dial. The sniper package also comes with a scope level and .001 premium arrows for shooting.

Of course, each of these crossbows is susceptible to damage if not cared for properly. This means storing them when not in use in a safe location, avoiding dry fire when using the crossbow, and servicing your crossbow if you notice any problems in its use.


There are some questions we get asked over and over again when it comes to buying a crossbow or what makes Ravin stand out from the competition. For your convenience, here are a couple of those questions with our responses below:

Are Ravin crossbows worth the money?

If you're going to be investing a lot of time into your crossbow activity or want to buy the best product you can find, then you're going to want to buy one made by Ravin. They are the leading choice when it comes to crossbow selection because of the thoughtful design and innovative technology that goes into their products, meaning your investment will last longer and perform better than a cheaper alternative.

Which Ravin crossbow is the best?

Deciding what the best crossbow is for you is going to come down to your needs and budget. However, no matter which product you decide to get from Ravin you can be confident that you're getting something that is going to last. There are certain features you should keep an eye out for if you're looking for certain functions out of your purchase. This includes sniper and HeliCoil technology, as well as specific weights and mounting brackets.

Who makes the Ravin crossbow?

As of 2018, Ravin was acquired by Velocity Outdoor. This purchase hasn't changed the quality of the products or the innovation associated with Ravin. The company still focuses on the higher-end crossbow market segment and continues to establish their reputation as a manufacturer of one of the industry's most reliable, durable, and advanced line of crossbows available on the market.

Who makes the most accurate crossbow?

We feel that because of the innovation and design of Ravin's products, they lead the charge when it comes to accuracy. This is due to the focus on new technologies and designs that are centered on providing users with the best results each time they fire. We've covered a number of these innovations on this page, with each playing a role in the accuracy of the products available through Ravin.


Ravin also sells a number of products in addition to their crossbows. These items include accessories, apparel, arrows and nocks, broadheads, cases, and scopes. You can also register your products on their website for warranty purposes.

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